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Narcoossee is Reopening

Breaking News: Finally, after several years, Narcoossee is reopening!  That’s right! Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort’s beautiful waterfront dining restaurant, Narcoossee, will reopen its doors on April 1st at the Walt Disney World Resort! Of course, some of its previous fan favorites will be offered, but we have the scoop on the New Menu items! Plus, without a doubt, we’ll talk about this on the Hyperion Adventures Podcast.

The Culinary Ream is embracing a Land & Sea themed menu and has sourced sustainable seafood. The returning “Surf & Turf” entrée is certainly a highlight and the most expensive dish on the menu at $87. But don’t worry! Meanwhile, more cost-friendly entrées are offered with the remaining entrées ranging from $34-$59.

So what dishes will they have?

To start your meal, Pastry Chef Kristine, known for crafting desserts and breads for several Walt Disney World resorts, including Victoria and Albert, has created an Artisan Boule of Sourdough. This toasty crusted bread is baked daily in the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa bakery for Narcoossee!

Artisan Boule of Sourdough is among Narcoossee New Menu items
Photo: Disney

Now, some really good news is that the beloved Lobster Bisque is remaining but will be served with an elegant tableside presentation!

Lobster Bisque serve tableside
Photo: Disney

To start – Appetizers

The menu includes two exciting new apps!  Perhaps you’d be interested in sampling the Brisket and Ricotta Tortelloni.  These filled pasta are complimented by luscious parsnip puree, brown butter, and sultana raisins.

Brisket and Ricotta Tortelloni appetizer is among Narcoossee New Menu items
Photo: Disney

Maybe your starter preference would be the Ocean-inspired Charcuterie Board.  Over the past several months, we’ve seen Disney Chefs really up the quality of Charcuterie Boards offered at various resorts, and this newest one receives top honors for the most creative version of a classic dish!  The offerings include a House-made “Sausage from the Sea”, ahi tuna pastrami, and charred octopus!

Ocean-inspired Charcuterie Board Appetizer is among Narcoossee New Menu items
Photo: Disney


New Entrées

First up is Chef Noah’s signature dish: Blackened Redfish. The fish is seasoned with a spice blend that has been handed down and masterfully “tweaked” from chef to chef at this establishment! The fish is served with a crispy chorizo-sunchoke hash with hominy, Florida sweet corn, and red pepper rouille and comes in at a mid-price range of $48.

Blackened Redfish: Signature dish is among Narcoossee New Menu items
Photo: Disney

A new “turf” dish is the Dry-Aged Pork Ribeye Chop! It is beautifully presented along with creamy goat cheese-potato pave, turnips with onion jam, and a bit of fig jus.

Dry-aged Pork Ribeye Chop is among Narcoossee New Menu items
Photo: Disney

If you’re looking for a Plant-based option, they offer a Roasted Vegetable Paella featuring market vegetables, cannellini beans, and preserved artichoke, then finished with charred Meyer lemon!

Roasted Vegetable Paella. Plant based i
Photo: Disney

New Desserts to try!

To complement the main dining experience, the pastry team looked for bright flavors! The Berry Pavlova is definitely bright, light, and stunning looking! Florida fresh berries and citrus are meticulously arranged over meringue and yuzu crémeux and elegantly presented with a tableside pour of anglaise!

Berry Pavlova Dessert is among Narcoossee New Menu items
Photo: Disney


The Pineapple Bavarois is also bright and exquisite!  This roasted pineapple centered shortbread is perfectly accompanied by a house-made blackberry-buttermilk ice cream then artfully adorned!

Pineapple Bavarois Dessert
Photo: Disney

Happy Ending!

The restaurant is also offering some impressive cocktails and wines. However, on a personal note, our favorite is the Gogi ‘Goldie’ Chardonnay by Kurt Russell.  We were first introduced to this delicious wine at Disneyland’s Tasting Terrace when they served many “Disney Family” wines.  We had the unique opportunity to attend a Gogi wine tasting with Kurt Russell.  Not only was it exciting to meet this long-standing Star, including many Disney films, but to hear his undeniable passion for family and wine-making was nothing short of spectacular!  And the best surprise of all at this tasting was that he even gave us a taste of his delightful Viognier, “Lulu” which he creates and bottles only for his mom…and doesn’t sell!

So, if you’re like us, you’re excited about the news of Narcoossee reopening! Reservations will become available on March 1st.  Maybe we’ll run into you there!