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5 Fave Disney Wish Desserts

Hi! Tom and Michelle from Hyperion Adventures Podcast here. We’ve just returned from a 4-day cruise aboard Disney’s newest ship in the fleet: the Disney Wish! It’s an awesome ship and a fabulous way to spend a vacation! There is so much we could discuss about the Wish (which we did on our podcast). For now, we’re gonna focus on some top-notch desserts from the 3 main rotational dining restaurants. Specifically, we’ll review our 5 Fave Desserts on the Disney Wish!

As with the other Disney Cruise Line ships, there are three main restaurants that provide 2 seatings each evening for all cruisers. Dinners in these individually-themed locations are included in the price of the cruise. One of the best parts about a Disney cruise is your ability to sample multiple desserts each night…and we made sure to sample as many as we could eat!

So here were our 5 fave desserts on the Disney Wish that we enjoyed the most!

#5 Wakanda Flourless Chocolate Beetroot Cake from Worlds of Marvel

Wakanda Flourless Chocolate Beetroot Cake from Worlds of Marvel. Our #5 Fave dessert.
Wakanda Flourless Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Now, we may not have even considered trying this one except that our tour guide from the “Walking the Wish” free ship tour, recommended it.  He was right! This dessert is unexpectedly delightful. First of all, as you can see, the presentation is eye-catching – especially with the side of pepper crème on milk chocolate “soil”! The flavor is a rich dark chocolate base – which pairs well with the light cream. Since it’s not a large serving, it’s the perfect completion to your meal if you felt particularly full from appetizers and your entrée!

#4 Cheesecake Byte also from the Worlds of Marvel

Cheesecake Byte from Worlds of Marvel our #2 fave
Cheesecake Byte from Worlds of Marvel

This is the restaurant’s Signature Dessert! A cheesecake makes total sense there since NY has a long Marvel history! The dessert is a traditional cheesecake, but the added accompaniments were a really nice addition in both flavor and visual appeal.

#3 Kvafjordkake Cake from Arendelle

Kvafjordkake, a cake served in the Arendelle restaurant, is our #3 fave dessert
Kvafjordkake cake from Arendelle

This is another dessert that had a fabulous presentation.  The little snowflake cookie was the perfect touch considering the restaurant’s theming and there was a nice splash of color with the berry compote. This dish includes a (delicious) butter cake, baked almond meringue, vanilla cream, and berry compote! Very light and sweet!

#2 Atwater Fuji Apple Cheesecake from 1923

Atwater Fuji Apple Cheesecake from 1923. Our # 3 Fave dessert
Atwater Fuji Apple Cheesecake from 1923

First of all, this was one of THE best-looking desserts!  So unique and elegant! The dish includes Cheesecake Sweet Dough Shell, Caramelized Apples, and Cinnamon Cheesecake, in a Rolled Oat Crumble shell. It was like getting 2 desserts in 1!  You had the cheesecake part on top of what was equivalent to a wonderful apple pie!  The flavors paired beautifully. The portion size was a bit small so it wasn’t over-filling.

And our #1 favorite dessert on the Wish:

The Pym Donut Sundae from Worlds of Marvel!!!!

The Pym Donut Sundae from Worlds of Marvel. Our #1 fave dessert
The Pym Donut Sundae from Worlds of Marvel

This sundae starts with a pecan brownie topped with Dulce de leche Ice Cream and drizzled with caramel fudge sauce.  Then, a layer of whipped cream supports a yummy, chocolate and sprinkled-covered donut. A “Pym Technologies” labeled chocolate square is placed on top of the entire sundae to remind you of the unique experience you’re enjoying! It’s so awesome!!!! We definitely would have asked for seconds, but we already had ordered 2 other desserts that evening!

We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Do any of these call out to you?  Are there other desserts from the Disney Wish that you enjoyed more?

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