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Unveiling the Magic: Pixar Place Hotel

Looking for an immersive Disney vacation on the West Coast? Embark on an enchanting journey through the whimsical wonderland at the reimagined Pixar Place Hotel in the heart of Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, Calif. This isn’t just a hotel; it’s an immersive ode to the creativity and charm that define the Pixar universe. Let the magic unfold for you as we unveil the secrets and delights of this transformed haven for Disney lovers.

A Pixar-Inspired Welcome:

As you step into the lobby, prepare to be awestruck. It’s not just a hotel entrance; it’s a passage into a Pixar Studios gallery. A captivating sculpture of the iconic Pixar Ball and Lamp stands proudly, setting the stage for the artistic journey that lies ahead. Look up, and you’ll find an abstract mobile of Pixar characters, dancing playfully from the skylight above. 

Lobby at the Pixar Place Hotel
Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort


The front desk is adorned with larger-than-life characters from beloved Pixar films, curated as living artwork. And the soundtrack? It’s a symphony of Pixar cues, celebrating the soul of your favorite animated adventures.

Front Desk
Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

Plus, at select times during the day, Joe Gardner from “Soul” can be found playing the piano near the hotel’s staircase.

Unveiling the Magic: Pixar Place Hotel with Joe Gardner
Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

Art Everywhere

Take the rear entrance and you’re stepping into the very process that brings animated dreams to life. Traverse the stages of animation, from pencil sketches to digital masterpieces, as ideas come to life before your eyes. But the artistry doesn’t end there. Each floor is a canvas, adorned with murals paying homage to different Pixar films. It’s a gallery, and you’re the privileged guest.

Murals grace the walls on each floor by the elevators
Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

Whimsical Rooms and Suites:

Enter your room, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a vivid, whimsical décor that nods affectionately to Pixar stories. Concept art from “The Incredibles,” “Toy Story 3,” “Coco,” and more graces the artistic headboards.

Unveiling the Magic: Pixar Place Hotel guest rooms
Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort

To complete the theming, each room is adorned with a Pixar Lamp, casting a warm glow over your stay.

Special touches, like the Pixar Lamp adorn the rooms
Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort


And for those seeking something extra special, indulge in Theme Park view rooms that provide guests with stunning views of California Adventure Park and possibly even catch the World of Color show!  For a real luxury experience, new to the resort will be a pair of two-bedroom signature suites planned for opening later in 2024. The Coco Suite is a cozy but luxurious area with vibrant Oaxacan art that pays tribute to Miguel and his family’s legacy. The Incredibles Suite will feature the Parr family memorabilia with a spy-fi twist. 

Once completed later in 2024, for Concierge-level rooms, guests will have access to the Creators Club for snacks and beverages available throughout the day.  The theme honors the partnership between Walt Disney Imagineering and Pixar Animation Studios with displays of Pixar-themed attraction models and posters of attraction. For a touch of nostalgia, keep an eye out for a bug light fixture from the former “A Bug’s Land!” Naturally, the lounge’s playlist includes music from Pixar experiences in Disney parks from around the world.

Modern American Dining:

The creativity of Pixar Place Hotel is also noted within its 3 new, upscale dining locations. operated by Southern California-based Great Maple.  Accessible to hotel guests, local diners, and theme park goers, these eateries offer daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

The Great Maple, the resort’s flagship restaurant, is located just off the lobby and serves upscale comfort food in a modern space. Guests can enjoy signature dishes such as buttermilk fried chicken and maple bacon doughnuts, Cajun shrimp and cheddar biscuit benedict, soda pop-braised baby back ribs, charred cauliflower hummus, maple pecan-crusted salmon, and a variety of inspired salads.

Flagship Restaurant the Great Maple
Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort


The Sketch Pad Café is their grab-and-go coffee shop that offers assorted pastries, snacks, and a selection of coffee and tea. The décor’s Pixar theming showcases a timeline of Pixar films conveyed through character design and early concept art.

Pixar Place grab and go food
Great Maple

Small Bytes The rooftop pool bar serves salads, wraps, cheese plates, and more along with their signature beverages.


Play and Relax:

Head to the rooftop for a world of play and relaxation. Lounge by the Pixel Pool, frolic in the “Finding Nemo”-themed splash pad, or take a ride down Crush’s Surfin’ Slide. Meanwhile, on select nights, view Disneyland’s fireworks!

Unveiling the Magic: Pixar Place Hotel Rooftop Pool
Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort


At Pixar Shorts Court guests can play with a variety of outdoor games that pay homage to Pixar short films, including such themed games as Bao Toss (corn hole),  La Luna Shuffleboard, and more.

Pixar Shorts Court at Pixar Place Hotel at Disneyland Resort
Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

The deck is a cozy gathering space with plush couches and fire pits themed to hotheaded Pixar characters, Ember from “Elemental” and Anger from “Inside Out!”  On select nights, catch Disneyland’s fireworks for a dazzling spectacle.

Unveiling the Magic: Pixar Place Pool deck
Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort


Unveiling the Magic: Pixar Place Hotel Poolside fire pits
Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

Benefits and Beyond:

Staying at Pixar Place Hotel isn’t just a vacation; it’s an experience! And there’s no shortage of benefits and unmatched amenities with a stay at Pixar Place Hotel. For instance, guests can take advantage of early entry before the regular theme park opens.  Pixar Place Hotel is within walking distance to the Disneyland Resort theme parks. For overnight guests, there’s an exclusive entrance to California Adventure Park.  (note: Park admission and reservations are required for park entry). 

Additional conveniences for resort guests include the ability to check in and make select charges to hotel rooms using the Disneyland app, and preferred access to dining reservations at select hotel table-service restaurants. Plus, it wouldn’t be a Disney Resort without characters. The character appearances, include Joe Gardner from “Soul” and the first-ever appearance of Bing Bong from “Inside Out.” Moreover, on select evenings, guests can experience fireworks viewing from the hotel’s rooftop oasis!

As General Manager Ron Silagyi aptly puts it, “With upgraded accommodations and amenities, plus stylish Pixar flair throughout, Pixar Place Hotel is proud to deliver an elevated, distinctly Disney experience that only comes with staying at the Disneyland Resort!” Pack your bags and step into a unique adventure at the reimagined Pixar Place Hotel – where the magic of Pixar meets the enchantment of Disneyland.

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