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Zootopia Foodie Guide at Shanghai

Shanghai Zootopia Foodie Guide

Do you have your eyes set on a trip to  Shanghai Disney Resort’s newest land – Zootopia? If so, you’ll want to check out this Zootopia Foodie Guide. Because, whether you’re aiming to enlist with the Zootopia Police Department’s recruits or looking to elevate your style at Fashions by Fru Fru, one thing remains certain—your taste buds will crave the adventure! Wondering what culinary delights await in this captivating new immersive land? We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive rundown of the creative fun offerings at this unique place!


Lay of the land

Zootopia Map


Jumbeaux’s Cafe   ¥¥ (RMB 51 – 100 per adult)

Jumbeaux Cafe

To appease your sweet tooth, step into the enchanting Jumbeaux’s Café! This dessert haven, befitting to its name, is managed by an elephant proprietor! Here they sell a delightful array of Zootopia-themed treats – and in various sizes! You’ll find such iconic delectable items as the Chocolate Marshmallow, reminiscent of the Jumbo-pop from the film, and Officer Clawhauser’s treasured delight, The Big Donut! But you’ll want to save some room to savor the unique Ginger Flavored Ice Cream Cone, shaped like a carrot!

Jumbeaux Guide items 1

  • Chocolate Marshmallow: Raspberry-flavored marshmallow
  • Chocolate Marshmallow & Mini Chocolate Bar
  • The Big Donut: Chocolate donut
  • The Mini Big Donut: Chocolate donut
  • Disney Zootopia Blueberry Pie: Handmade shortbread crust served with a sweet and sour blueberry sauce

Jumbeaux at Shanghai's Zootopia Foodie Guide items 2

  • Blueberry Milkshake: Ice cream and blueberry sauce topped with a Clawhauser chocolate piece
  • Ginger-Flavored Ice Cream Sundae with Disney Zootopia Elephant Ice Cream Bowl: Ginger-flavored ice cream on soft-chocolate cake and topped with crunch cereal pieces
  • Judy’s Waffle with Ginger-Flavored Ice Cream
  • Ginger-Flavored Ice Cream Cone: Carrot-shaped cone with ginger-flavored ice cream topped with a Judy Hopps chocolate piece

Jumbeaux at Shanghai's Zootopia Foodie Guide items 3

  • Lemming Marshmallow
  • Frittata Sandwich: Soft frittata filled with potatoes, carrots, and mozzarella cheese cushioned between two carrot-shaped buns
  • Hot Chocolate in either Judy Hopps or Nick Wilde’s Hot Beverage Cup
  • White Peach Waxberry-Flavored Sparkling Special Drink with Nick Souvenir Cup


Zootopia Market  ¥¥ (RMB 51 – 100 per adult)

Shanghai's Zootopia Market Foodie Guide

The Zootopia Market is a cluster of 4 colorful shacks nestled in the heart of the city streets! Conveniently available at these vibrant stalls are Cottonball Candy, Hopps Family Farm Popcorn Slothful Slurps, and Disney Zootopia Pawpsicle, all conveniently available at these vibrant stalls. This lively market promises a unique culinary adventure, showcasing Zootopia-style food and beverages for all to savor and enjoy.

Shanghai's Zootopia Market Guide items 1

  • Disney Zootopia Pawpsicle: Hawthorn berry-flavored popsicle that you can purchase with or without the Disney Zootopia Pawpsicle Ice Mold
  • Carrot-Shaped Lollipop
  • Disney Zootopia Pawpsicle Lollipop
  • Gazelle Cotton Candy
  • Disney Zootopia Police Officer Badge Chocolate Bar

Shanghai's Zootopia Market Guide items 2

  • Corn-Flavored Popcorn
  • Corn-Flavored Popcorn with Hopps Family Farm Popcorn Bucket
  • Hopps Family Farm Popcorn Bucket
  • Zootopia Bottle Cap and Clip

So, no matter what dish you try, for sure you’ll be experiencing something unique. We’d love to hear from you just what you’re taste buds crave from this Zootopia Foodie Guide list! You can leave a comment below or Contact Us at Hyperion Adventures’s Podcast!