Our Vacation Recap – Everything We Learned That Might Help You

Episode 35 - Our Vacation - What We Learned That Might Help You

Grand Turk - Vacation

This week, we’re finally back from our trip with a brand new episode. We recap our vacation. Everything from San Diego to the Southern Caribbean and back. Listen as we share the things we learned that might help you plan your next trip. It all starts with a discussion of our Carnival cruise. Find out how it compares to others we’ve experienced including Disney Cruise Line.

Festival of the Arts - Epcot - Spaceship Earth - Vacation

We also welcome our friend Rob LaBarre back to the show. He joins us to share our joint journey through the Epcot International Festival of the Arts. Rob also tells us about his evening at Disney After Hours at Magic Kingdom. Learn what you might expect if you’re thinking about adding this to your next Walt Disney World vacation.

Sushi Donut - Festival of the Arts - Vacation

We also talk about our latest opportunity to check out our all-time favorite musical; Hamilton!

After a couple weeks off, we’re back playing catch-up with the Disney Stories of the Week. A lot happened while we were gone. We try to get through all the big Disney News we missed.

Then, as always, we wrap up the show with more tips that might help you on your next vacation.

Thanks for listening! It’s good to be back! Cheers!

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