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Disneyland Forward

Disneyland Forward is the Disney Company’s outline to describe its interest in expanding and updating the guest experiences at the Disneyland Resort. They report the current planning restrictions within Anaheim are impacting their ability to move Forward. So, they’ve created the Disneyland Forward as an outline of their intentions. This is their multiyear effort for public planning effort with the City of Anaheim to gain updated developmental approvals. According to Disney Co,

DisneylandForward is a multiyear public planning effort with the City of Anaheim to update existing development approvals that will allow Disney to meaningfully invest in Anaheim for years to come and meet the future demands in entertainment.”

To be clear, Disney is not seeking any public funding for DisneylandForward, nor are we seeking additional square footage or hotel rooms beyond what is currently approved and allowed. Rather, we are simply working with the city and community to update our existing approvals to allow for integrated development to be located and built throughout Disney properties.”

Disneyland Forward inspirations

Above all, Disney is seeking to expand both Disneyland and California Adventure Parks to offer more lands and attractions that reflect the newer stories and characters introduced by the company. They suggest they could tap in on inspiration from the more recent additions at Tokyo, Shanghai, and Walt Disney World Parks.


Disney’s “Possibilities” Map and Legend of their potential development and land use plans.

Disneyland Forward Possibilities Map and Legend

Community Gatherings

Disney is sponsoring in-person Community gatherings to discuss their ideas and answer the community members’ questions. Listed below are the remaining scheduled events.

DIsneyland Forward Schedule of Community Gatherings


Email option

For guests unable to attend a gathering, Disney is inviting them to present questions directly to the company via email.

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