Toy Story 4 Review

  When we heard Pixar had another Toy Story movie in the works, we had both a feeling of excitement and trepidation. We love the entire franchise but felt Toy Story 3 was a perfect way to wrap up the saga. We were really concerned that this film might not live up to the rest… Continue reading Toy Story 4 Review

Mother’s Day the Disney Way

Our Main Topic: It’s Mother’s Day! So we decided there’s no better time to focus an episode on mom. First, Michelle lists her favorite songs that make her think about great Disney Moms. Find out if your favorite “Disney Mom Song” made her list. Then, she provides tips to help celebrate the mom in your… Continue reading Mother’s Day the Disney Way

Our 5 Favorite Heroic Songs

This week, we’ve been a little inspired by all the success of Avengers: Endgame. (I mean, why wouldn’t we be?) So we decided to continue their “5 Favorite Things” series with a look at their 5 Favorite Heroic Songs. This won’t be easy because there are just so many amazing heroes and songs to choose… Continue reading Our 5 Favorite Heroic Songs

2018 Disney Year In Review

This week, we take a look back at much of the Disney related events that happened in 2018. Yep, it’s the 2018 Disney Year in Review. So much happened over the last year and we try to touch on it all. From the release of Black Panther to Mickey’s 90th Birthday Spectacular, we discuss the… Continue reading 2018 Disney Year In Review

Pixar Pier Slideshow Video Tour

Have you listened to our most recent episode of the podcast, yet? Tom talked about his tour of Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure Park. It just opened this week so there’s a lot of great stuff to check out. Here’s a little slideshow video at the fun he found at the newly re-imagined area… Continue reading Pixar Pier Slideshow Video Tour