Our 2nd Annual Ask Us Anything Show

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We had such a wonderful time answering your questions last year, we just had to bring in back for another go ’round. Yep! It’s Our 2nd Annual “Ask Us Anything” Show! We discuss all the wonderful questions you sent us and share our points of view about all things Disney and ourselves. Learn a little more about us and laugh along as we try our best to respond to every spectacular query thrown our way.

Thanks again to all of you that took part! We couldn’t do this, or any of our shows, without you!

Disneyland Expansion Concept Art - Our 2nd Annual Ask Us Anything Show

Once we wrap up Our 2nd Annual Ask Us Anything Show segment, it’s time once again for the Disney Stories of the Week. This episode, those include an exciting announcement about some changes that may be coming to The Happiest Place on Earth. We also discuss the announcement of a first step toward being able to sail with Captains Mickey & Minnie again. And we share an updated Disney film release schedule.

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As always, we wrap it all up with tips that might help you on your next vacation.

Thanks for listening! Cheers!

If you enjoyed this show, be sure to check out our original listener question focused show, as well!

Our Ask Us Anything Show

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