Our Ask Us Anything Show

Mickey, Tom and Michelle - Our Ask Us Anything Show

After many weeks of collecting your questions, it’s time to put them together into one episode. Yep! It’s Our Ask Us Anything Show!

We share our answers for all of the interesting questions you posed to us. You all sent us so many fun and thought provoking queries about all things Disney and us, personally.

Which Disney Character do we most relate to?

What job at Disney would we most like to have if we could?

What is your Disney origin story?

We answer these and many more on this show! Find out more about us, and Disney in general, as we dive deeply into all of your inquiries.

Tom and Michelle running in the Star Wars 5K at Disneyland
Tom & Michelle running the Star Wars 5K at the Disneyland Resort

Special thanks to all of you who sent us your questions for Our Ask Us Anything Show. We appreciate you and your input on our show!

Thanks for listening! Cheers!

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