HAP Disney Songs Madness Bracket Breakdown

Bracket Artwork - HAP Disney Songs Madness Bracket Breakdown

We’ve been doing this show for nearly 4 years now but have yet to put out anything focused on the “Madness” that happens around this time of year. Well, that’s all changing for this March. We have our own bracket for this season that we recently released, focused on Disney Songs. So, for this week’s episode, we thought we’d go through the entire first round with our HAP Disney Songs Madness Bracket Breakdown! We got through and discuss the songs we’ve chosen and what the key match-ups might be. We may even play pieces of a few of the songs that you may not be familiar with, as well!

Don’t forget to download our HAP Disney Songs Bracket and play along. Your selections will decide which songs advance and eventually become our 2022 Champion! Plus, we’ll have prizes to giveaway along the way!

Concept art of the Storyliving by Disney community Cutino - HAP Disney Songs Madness Bracket Breakdown

Once we wrap up our HAP Disney Songs Madness Bracket Breakdown, it’s time for the Disney Stories of the Week. This episode those include a possible dream come true for anyone who has ever wanted to live in Disney. We also tell you what guest-favorite nighttime event will soon be returning to the Walt Disney World Resort. And, we share with you the new, easier way to share your appreciation for the wonderful Disney Cast Members.

As always, we wrap it all up with tips that might help you on your next vacation.

Thanks for listening! Cheers!

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