Our 5 Favorite Holiday Movies & Specials

Episode 27 - Our 5 Favorite Disney Holiday Movies and Specials

The Nightmare before Christmas - Disney Holidays Movies & SpecialsThis week, we continue our “5 Favorite Things” series. The holiday season is upon us so we decided it was time to count down our 5 Favorite Disney Holiday Movies & Specials. There are more than you might think to choose from. Listen to see if some your most beloved Holiday Movies & Specials made our lists.

Muppets Christmas Carol - Disney Holidays Movies & Specials

We also share our initial social media response from our early screening of Mary Poppins Returns. We’re not yet allowed to say too much about the film but we promise to share everything we can!

Mary Poppins Returns - Trip a Little Light Fantastic

Then, we discuss the all-new Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures because, you know, we can never talk enough about Star Wars!

Star Wars - Galaxy of Adventures

Of course, we can never go a week without a discussion of the Disney Stories of the Week! This one is no different!

Then, we wrap it all up with tips that might help you on your next vacation.

Thanks for listening! Cheers!

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