Tying The Knot With Disney – Walt Disney World

Tying the Knot with Disney - Walt Disney World Weddings

We’re on vacation but that’s not going to keep us from bringing you new shows each week!

So, this week, we continue our “Tying The Knot With Disney” series with a look at Walt Disney World Weddings. We’re joined by Rob LaBarre who married his lovely wife Kim at the “Most Magical Place on Earth”.

He shares the details of their relationship and why they chose this location for their wedding. He also discusses how Disney helped enhance their planning. It culminates in just an absolutely wonderful ceremony and reception.

If you’re curious about what goes into weddings at the Walt Disney World Resort, or if you or someone you know is considering it, you’ll want to check out this episode.

Normally, we’d follow up our main topic with the Disney Stories of the Week. However, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post, we’re on vacation! So, unfortunately, we won’t be able to bring you the Disney news of this week.

That doesn’t stop us from bringing you tips that might help you on your next vacation. Be sure to check those out! (Don’t forget. Michelle’s tip is always the best one!_

Thanks for listening! Cheers!

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