Our Christmas Show

Our Christmas Show

Disneyland - It's a Small World Holiday

This week, we celebrate Christmas and the Holiday Season with our Christmas Show.

‘Tis the season! So we share stories from both ourselves and several listeners about the best Disney related gifts they’ve ever given or received.

But that’s not all! Be sure to stick around for the heartwarming story at the end of the segment. It’s a wonderful Holiday tale showing how even the little things can mean a lot. As a matter of fact, we needed a few tissues in the studio to get through this one.

It may be our Christmas Show but that’s not going to keep us from discussing the Disney Stories of the Week.

Even during the Holiday Season we there is so much Disney News to choose from and this week is no different.

This week’s stories include a new ticket purchasing option for the Walt Disney World Resort. We also break down the newly released runDisney schedule for 2019 & 2020. And the new Star Wars series coming to Disney+, The Mandalorian, finds its composer.

Tom Michelle and Santa Goofy

As always, we wrap up the show with tips that might help you on your next vacation.

Thanks for listening! We wish you and your family a very Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Cheers!

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