Our 5 Favorite Pop Versions Of Disney Songs

5 Favorite Pop Versions Of Disney Songs

We know you love our music-based episodes but it has been far too long since we’ve done one. Well, that changes this week because this show is all about some of your favorite tunes. They may not be the versions you’re used to, though. Instead, we’re looking at the best of those famous songs that can be found most often in the film’s credits song by some of the very biggest personalities in the music industry. Yep! It’s Our 5 Favorite Pop Versions Of Disney Songs. Better yet, we’re joined by some of our favorite people, Jonathan, Camille & Lorelai Cotton to count them down. Find out if your favorites made our lists.

Once wrap up the countdown of Our 5 Favorite Pop Versions Of Disney Songs, it’s time for the Disney Stories of the Week. In this episode, we tell you all about the Walt Disney Company’s successes at this year’s celebration of all things television. We also let you know which Disney Cruise Line ship has found a new, semi-permanent home.

As always, we finish all up with tips that might help you on your next vacation.

Also, be sure to check out Camille’s amazing designs at Castle Bound and Down!

Thanks for listening! Cheers!

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