Christopher Robin Review & That’s From Disneyland

Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore & Tigger - Christopher Robin Review

This week, we take a look at the new live-action movie from Walt Disney Studios with our Christopher Robin review. Find out what we think about this new film featuring, of course, Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh and the gang from the Hundred Acre Wood.

That's from Disneyland

We also share our experience traveling to the That’s From Disneyland Exhibit. Listen to find out why you should also make the trek to see this wonderful collection of Disneyland Memorabilia. (See more photos below)

Then, as always, we discuss the other Disney-related stories of the week. There are always so many to choose from and we like to share the best of the best.

We wrap it all up with tips that might help you on your next vacation.

Thanks for listening! Cheers!

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Haunted Mansion Stretching Portraits
It’s a Small World Children
That's From Disneyland
Next Show Sign from Walt’s Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room
That's From Disneyland
Working Jose from the Enchanted Tiki Room
That's From Disneyland
Welcome sign from The Country Bear Jamboree
That's From Disneyland
Rocket Jet vehicle
That's From Disneyland
Plaque from the inaugural flight of Space Mountain
That's From Disneyland
Michelle and the giant neon “D” from the Disneyland Hotel
That's From Disneyland
Original unfolded Disneyland Map
That's From Disneyland
Vintage Disneyland knick-knacks
That's From Disneyland
Model of Main Street Disneyland
That's From Disneyland
Original Sea Serpent from the Submarine Voyage at Disneyland

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