Soul Duo – Their Lives, Music & Experiences With Disney Cruise Line

Soul Duo - Their Lives, Music & Experiences With Disney Cruise Line
This week, we had a fantastic conversation with a pair of extremely talented musicians you may find on your next Disney Cruise. Sonia & Paul, also known as Soul Duo, join us to discuss the details of their lives together and their wonderful music. They also share their experiences as Disney Cruise Line entertainers and what they’re up to during these “stay-at-home” times.

We were even lucky enough to have them bless us with a couple of beautiful songs!

Sonia & Paul - Soul Duo

They, also, just happened to be aboard the Disney Wonder with us during our very interesting West Bound Panama Canal sailing. You know, the one that we told you about a few months ago when all this craziness started. Well, they were performing onboard during that trip. So, we’re sure they’ll have some fascinating things to say about that cruise, as well!

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Sonia & Paul - Soul Duo

Once we wrap up our lovely conversation with Paul & Sonia from Soul Duo, we bring you our review of Hamilton on Disney+. We share our thoughts on this smash-hit’s film debut.

Hamilton Logo - Hamilton 101 with Part of Our World Podcast

Next, it’s time for the Disney Stories of the Week. This episode, those include your chance to check out some details of a handful of upcoming Disney projects with Comic-Con @ Home!

As always, we wrap it all up with tips that might help you on your next vacation.

Thanks for listening! Cheers!

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