Mickey Mouse – The Mouse, The Myth, The Legend

Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie

This week, we kick-off the 90th Birthday Celebration for Mickey Mouse the only way it should be done. We throw a party! We’re joined by our first ever studio audience. You’ll want to join in on this celebration because, as we know, it all started with a mouse. Listen in for Mickey Mouse trivia, stories and fun.

Mickey Mouse, Tom and Michelle

As you know, we never skip a chance to discuss the Disney Stories of the week because their are always so many. This week those include a bunch of new experiences coming to the Walt Disney World Resort in 2019. We also talk about the upcoming slow-down of the release of Star Wars films.

Then, we wrap it all up by giving you tips that might help you on your next vacation and answering their audience’s questions.

Thanks for listening! Cheers!

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